Ballet and Music is pleased to announce the opening of a second location at United Square - opening in November 2008. 
Free assessments for adults and children! See you soon at United Square!

Students' Recital - Ballet and Music Performance 18 May 2008, Singapore Botanic Gardens


Date: Sunday, 18 May 2008 
Time: 6pm to 7pm 
Venue: Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Viva La Musica, Viva La Danza (Long Live Music and Dance)! A relaxed evening of music and dance performance at Botanic Gardens offering fine entertainment to music and dance lovers of all ages. Presented by the students and professional performers, teachers (from Bulgaria, Armenia and Russia),of the Ballet & Music Company, and showcasing a variety of classical and jazz music performances and ballet and hip hop dance items, the aim is to promote arts appreciation.


Thumbelina - A Musical and Dance Performance 30 November 2008, DBS Auditorium

ThumbelinaDate: Sunday, 30 November 2008 
Time: Evening
Venue: DBS Auditorium

This production is under the artistic direction of Yana Dragieva, and will be presenting Thumbelina, a ballet based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale of a tiny girl who comes to believe that if she follows her heart nothing is impossible. Thumbelina, who is no bigger than a thumb and born from a flower, is kidnapped by a brood of frogs, waylaid by a scheming beetle, betrothed to a befuddled mole and saved by a swallow. On her journey home, Thumbelina meets a prince, an enchanting fairy as tiny as her and is sure she has found her heart's desire.

The second half of the show is a mixture of different music styles from classical to modern performances (ensemble and individual music). This part of the show will surely please audiences of all ages for an hour of spectacular entertainment.

Tickets are available from the Ballet and Music Company.

For more information, do contact us at 6348 6500.